Aaron Priven's Résumé

Note: this is what I call my "monster résumé." Back when I was looking for work, I normally submitted only those sections that seemed relevant. I can't imagine a situation at this point where I would actually leave my high school volunteer experience in, but it's here if I need it.

I am not now looking for work but the one that was here was several years old and I thought I should have something up that was at least reasonably recent. I've updated it a bit in 2004, but I haven't fleshed out my AC Transit experience at this point.

Aaron Priven
fax & message: 415 707 2007

Work History

2000-Present  Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, Oakland, Calif. Public Information Systems Coordinator.

Created systems to prepare bus schedules for presentation in printed form, both as timetable booklets and as signs with information customized to that location. Wrote perl programs to process schedule information and allow entry of stop locations, and created QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign templates to receive the data and prepare it for printing. Coordinated placement of onboard sign notices, planning the placement of notices in order to maximize the use of limited onboard advertising space. Prepared public information systems budgets. Planned locations of new customized signs throughout the district and prepared signs for those locations. Updated existing signs with schedule information at the Transbay Transit Terminal. Coordinated updates and printing of the AC Transit Bus System Map with AC Transit's planning department and a graphics designer outside the agency. Planned presentation of schedule information for a major two-year detour of bus service, including maps, schedule information, and signage.

1999-2000  California State University, Hayward, Calif. Graphics Specialist.

Typeset and proofread the university class schedule for online and print publication, using Adobe PageMaker for Macintosh and Allaire Homesite for Windows. Entered and proofread copy for the university catalog into Microsoft Word 97 for Windows and rendered it into HTML using the university's customized HTML conversion software. Converted curriculum procedures manual to HTML (using cascading style sheets) and created online forms in Microsoft Word.

Converted campus maps from Macromedia Freehand to Adobe Illustrator and reformatted them. Updated Web navigational graphics using Adobe Photoshop.

Installed applications software and the Macintosh operating system on PowerMac G3 computers.

1993-1998  ClariNet Communications Corp., San José, Calif. Editor and Senior Editor.

Founded and acted as manager, including budgetary authority, for the editorial department of the Internet's first commercial information service. ("ClariNews" combined and redistributed general and technical wire service news, syndicated columns and graphics, and similar information, serving at its height 1.5 million paid subscribers.) Selected candidates and interviewed, hired, and supervised up to eleven junior editors.

Maintained a classification system for wire service news articles. Wrote and edited documents defining and explaining those classifications for editors and readers, including information on periodic updates and changes to the classification system. Trained editors on proper classification. Wrote programs in perl and the C shell under SCO and Solaris UNIX to measure editors' output. Created and maintained FileMaker Pro databases in order to evaluate the quantity of articles in each classification.

With programming staff, established procedures for automated and semi-automated classification of up to 3,000 news articles per day, scanning graphics features and inserting them into the news service, associating news photographs with appropriate articles, and seeking out pages on the World Wide Web for inclusion into our Web page database (for later association with news articles). Maintained tables of subject and classification information for standing news articles.

Evaluated wire services and other information sources for possible inclusion in ClariNet's service. Created tiers of service, blending mixtures of several contributor sources, to match price points set by marketing staff.

With the input of sales and marketing staff, wrote and typeset sales brochures and product information sheets for ClariNet's news service. Oversaw the production and produced much of ClariNet's original Web site, including creating graphics and writing CGI programs in perl to process forms. Wrote and edited sales information and general documentation covering ClariNet's news service.

Maintained hardware of computers running Microsoft Windows; installed operating systems, networking, and applications software on Windows 3.1 and Macintosh computers. Provided basic technical support to ClariNet staff, and assisted them in learning about and using computerized tools.

Classified and in many cases copyedited wire service articles for distribution via ClariNet's service.

Answered e-mail from readers and responded to reader enquiries in public electronic discussion forums. Conducted surveys of ClariNet's readership. Provided basic technical support for ClariNet products and services.

With members of the marketing and software development departments, represented the company on the merger transition team, creating plans for company integration and joint development of editorial procedures.

Staffed a booth at trade shows, introducing passers-by to the company's news product.

Planned office layout for new offices and new and reconfigured open-office cubicle areas.

1991  Port of Oakland, Oakland, Calif. College Intern.

Wrote two booklets (20 to 30 pages each) for users of an AutoCAD-based custom computerized mapping system (incorporating screen shots and HP plotter files from AutoCAD), using Aldus PageMaker for Windows.

Wrote two booklets (20 to 30 pages) documenting Port-customized aspects of AutoCAD computer drafting software and Slick! drawing display software for IBM-compatible microcomputers. Designed and produced the booklets using Aldus PageMaker software. Entered data and produced reports for truck origin/destination study using R:Base database software.

1989-1990  Course Review Book, University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Assistant Editor, Production Assistant, and Managing Editor (Production).

Summarized evaluation forms for university courses into short narrative reviews.

Together with one to two others, supervised up to ten assistant editors in summarizing course evaluations and planned and executed production schedule of yearly periodical. Edited the reviews for grammar and style, and corrected them when inaccurate.

Established procedures for recording the progress of reviewing evaluation forms. Overhauled and maintained cataloguing system for course reviews.

Supervised up to ten typists in temporary work quarters. Transferred computer files containing course reviews between Macintosh, Unix, and MS-DOS computers.

Typeset two 200-page books in Aldus PageMaker for Windows, using PC-Write and WordPerfect for text entry.

Maintained supplies and support documents for the project, including evaluation forms.

1989  Merrill College Library, University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Library Aide.

Checked materials out to patrons in small college library and reading room. Checked patrons' belongings for stolen materials. At times checked library stacks against library files and resorted stacks using Library of Congress reference system.

1988-1989  Parents' Center, Santa Cruz, Calif. Data Entry Clerk.

Entered data from handwritten forms onto Apple II and later Macintosh computers with Appleworks and FileMaker Plus database software. Created all Filemaker reports and forms for the agency.

1988  Air Link Inc., Burlingame, Calif. Office Clerk.

General office duties: typed, filed, answered telephone calls, and distributed faxes, telexes, and mail).

1987  Pacific Research Inc., Burlingame, Calif. Market Researcher.

Determined qualification of subjects to participate in researching sessions and invited qualified subjects to do so, over telephone. Conducted telephone interviews over telephone regarding test products subjects had used.

Volunteer Affiliations and Experience

1999-2001, 2004  San Francisco Bay Chapter, Sierra Club. Berkeley, Calif. Transportation and Compact Growth subcommittee chair, 1999-2000. Conservation committee chair, 2000-2001. Member, Chapter Executive Committee, 2000 and 2004. Member, Northern Alameda County Group Executive Committee, 2000-2001.

Promoted compact development and sustainable transportation; actively opposed a bill removing ferries from regional planning processes and ensured that the Chapter did not oppose bicycle transportation in Albany. Guided activists through the Club's policy approval procedures. Managed reorganization of the chapter's conservation subcommittees and established guidelines for subcommittee creation and retention.

1998-1999, 2001  Greenbelt Alliance, San Francisco, Calif. Member, Compact Development Team.

Evaluated an infill project in Oakland and represented the Alliance in supporting it and another infill development project in El Cerrito.

1999-2000  Alliance for AC Transit and Bus Riders Union. Berkeley, Calif.

Member of the Board of Directors and newsletter editor. Planned articles (with other members), worked with volunteers to ensure articles were submitted, typeset the newsletter, submitted it to the printer, and arranged bulk mail sorting. Led the Alliance towards the integration of its sister organization, the Bus Riders Union.

1999-2000  Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District. Oakland, Calif. Member, Riders Advisory Committee.

1998-2000  Bay Area Transportation and Land Use Coalition, Berkeley, California. Volunteer.

Wrote and edited press releases, edited and typeset newsletters, and founded and maintained the Coalition's web site.

1998-1999  Urban Ecology, Oakland, California. Volunteer.

Wrote and typeset the annual report to members, edited and typeset an issue of the "Sustainable Activist" newsletter, and added forms and other material to the organization's web site. "Volunteer of the Year," 1998.

1995-1996  Moderator, the Usenet newsgroup alt.journalism.moderated.

Created the Usenet newsgroup alt.journalism.moderatedand selected appropriate articles for posting.

1993-1995  Peninsula Rail 2000, Palo Alto, California. Newsletter Editor and Computer Systems Manager.

Ran a small computerized bulletin board system with a UUCP connection to the Internet for the convenience of Peninsula Rail 2000 board members and volunteers. Created the organization's web site.

Edited several issues of the tabloid-size newsletter of Peninsula Rail 2000: planned articles (with other members), worked with volunteer activists and writers to ensure articles were submitted, copyedited articles, typeset the newsletter, submitted it to the printer and assisted in its distribution. Published them on the World Wide Web. Converted stories from a number of newsletters (set in Adobe PageMaker) into HTML, including graphics.

1992, 1994  University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Teaching assistant (undergraduate).

Led discussion section, created brief supplementary instructional handouts, and graded materials for Community Studies 80D: Mass Media and Community Alternatives.

Graded papers, graphic design projects, and LATEX code samples for Computer Engineering 80K: The Art of the Book in the Computer Age. Presented introductory lecture on HTML.

1990, 1992  Student Union Assembly. University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Member.

Represented the college on the campuswide student government. With one other member, founded a student newspaper covering campus governance. Wrote and copyedited articles. Typeset its first issue.

1991  The Fish Rap Live! , University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Business Manager.

Coordinated finances of small biweekly newspaper on the U.C. Santa Cruz campus. Maintained accounting records with campus student organization office. Distributed invoices to advertisers and collected payments.

1989-1990  Committee on Transportation, Circulation, and Parking, University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Member.

1989-1990  Committee on Naming, University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Member.

1988-1990  Merrill Student Government. University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif. Member and Representative to the Academic Senate.

1987-1988  Angevin Empire BBS, San Mateo California. System Operator.

Owned and operated public bulletin board system on an IBM PC-compatible microcomputer. Operated software to connect with the Fidonet national amateur electronic mail network and assisted other system operators with their connections. Assisted members of the general public with introduction to electronic mail.

1986-1988  One Hand Clapping, Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, Calif. Business Manager (1987-1988), Non-Fiction Editor (1986-1987), and Production Staff (1986-1987).

Arranged fund-raising activities for high school literary journal. Coordinated and arranged with school authorities book and food sales. Judged and proofread nonfiction articles submitted to journal. Assisted Poetry and Story Editors in judging other submissions. Typeset one issue of the 20-page journal on Macintosh computers using Aldus PageMaker software. Helped enter text on Macintosh computers.

1985-1988  The Scroll, Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, Calif. Staff Member, Production Assistant (1985-1986), Production Manager (1986-1987), and Editorials Editor (1987-1988).

Researched and wrote news stories and commentaries for monthly high school newspaper. From September 1986 to May 1988, wrote regular commentary column. Assisted in proofreading copy. Participated in story assignment sessions and reported on stories. Typeset newspaper on Macintosh computers using Aldus PageMaker software, version 1. Supervised staff members' use of Macintosh computers and MacWrite word processing software.


University of Southern California. Masters in Planning and Development Studies (pending).

University of California, Santa Cruz. Bachelor of Arts, Modern Society and Social Thought. Participant, Education Abroad Program. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, Calif. Principal's Honors Academy.