Notes on the quake pages

The earthquake happened October 17, 1989, of course. These photos were originally scanned and the captions written in 1994. I discovered five additional photos in my brother's photo album and put them here in September of 2001.

This page remained pretty much the same from 1994-2001 (the original version is here), although the background and navigation buttons have changed a few times. It's funny how the Web has changed in ways we hardly remember. In 1994, when I created these pages, I had to make sure that each image was loaded separately, not only because they were large -- some were 80 kilobytes -- but because no version of NCSA Mosaic could display inline JPEG images!

I wonder how the world will change in another seven or twelve years? Will we have another earthquake? I write this ten days after the World Trade Center collapsed. Will that fade from memory as the quake did, or will it launch a new era of ... I don't know, terrorism or war or something? Time will tell.