My House after the Earthquake

These pages contain pictures of the house in which I was living on October 17, 1989. For obvious reasons, I was not living there on October 18, 1989. The house was at 314 Spruce Street, Santa Cruz, California. It was about four blocks from the worst damage in downtown Santa Cruz.

Actually, it wasn't my house; I rented an apartment there from Karon Properties. They have now built an apartment building there. (It was green, last I looked.)

These pictures were taken on the weekend after the quake, by my brother Dan.


This is a picture of me in front of my house. It gives you a general picture of what the house looked like afterwards. The house was built around 1893. Notice the Victorian gingerbread hanging by a nail. My grandfather still had some of the ornamentation at his house, last I was there.

The house was cut into apartments at some point. I had a two-room apartment, first floor, at the front of the house. My bay window is cut off here at the edge of the picture. The boarded-up door right behind my head was my front door.

The yellow tape is, of course, a "caution do not enter" tape, like they have at crime scenes.

It is really weird to be in a house where all the rectangles have turned to parallelograms.


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