Places I have lived

I have lived in a number of cities around the Bay Area. Apparently my reputation is such that as soon as somebody names a place, any place, I will pipe up and say "I used to live there!" I thought I'd go ahead and make a list of places I have lived so it won't be a surprise the next time. All these places except for the one in Vancouver are in California, U.S.A.

I was born in 1970 at Merritt Hospital (now part of Summit Hospital) in Oakland, so I can say I was born in Oakland and am an Oakland native, but I didn't actually live here until 1991.

Buena Vista Avenue, Alameda. I don't actually remember this.
Alamo Street at Victoria Avenue, Union City.
Rolling Hills Avenue at Leona Court, San Mateo.
Bel Aire Rd. at Valley View Court, San Mateo (technically, the unincorporated area west of town).
Irving Street at 35th Avenue, San Francisco.
Sylvan Avenue at Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo.
Two different rooms in B Dorm, Merrill College, University of California, Santa Cruz.
1989 (July-October)
Spruce Street at Cedar Street, Santa Cruz. This is the house that was knocked down in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.
1989 (October-December)
H Dorm, Oakes College, University of California, Santa Cruz. In terms of the room itself, this was the nicest place I ever lived -- it was a converted lounge with a balcony. It had an amazing view of Monterey Bay.
1990 (January-June)
Two different rooms in A Dorm, Merrill College, University of California, Santa Cruz.
1990 (July-August)
Columbia Street at Clark Avenue, Santa Cruz.
Hamber House, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
1991 (May-September)
Adeline Street at Fifth Street, Oakland.
C-L Dorm, College Eight, University of California, Santa Cruz.
1992 (June-September)
Arlington Blvd. at Olive Avenue, Richmond (technically, the unincorporated area east of town).
1992 (September-December)
A-L Dorm, College Eight, University of California, Santa Cruz.
1993 (January-February)
Richmond Parkway at Blume Drive, Richmond.
1993 (March-August)
Camden Street at Coventry Court, Fremont.
Cabot Avenue at Bennett Avenue, Santa Clara.
1995 (March-December)
South Tenth Street at East San Antonio Street, San Jose.
1996 (January-June)
Raymond Avenue at Elliott Street, San Jose (technically, in "Burbank," an unincorporated enclave within San Jose).
North Fifth Street at Santa Clara Street, San Jose.
1997 (June-November)
39th Avenue at Quintara Street, San Francisco.
41st Street at Piedmont Avenue, Oakland.
Terrace St. at 41st St., Oakland.
Jackson St. at 17th St., Oakland.

I've lived in Oakland now for six years [as of 2003]. I lived on 41st St. longer than I lived anywhere in my life, and then I moved three blocks away. (It's actually kind of odd to pass by a place I no longer live every morning on the way to the bakery. So far I haven't absent-mindedly tried to go up to the old apartment...) I must like it here or something.