Aaron's Fortune-Telling Program: Your Future

After careful deliberation by our panel of experts, we believe that the following is an accurate prediction of your future:

You will be walking along the street when you find a lottery ticket. You think nothing of it, but as you are watching the news later in the evening, trying to find the weather for the next day, you casually observe the winning numbers and realize that they match the numbers on your ticket. Ecstatic, you go out and buy a new car and stereo set to celebrate your good fortune. You buy plane tickets to a tropical island, spending all the money you own, knowing you will be getting a million the next day. When you turn in your ticket, you find that it is old and invaild. You declare bankruptcy and are forced to live in a convent or monastery with your only living relative, an aunt or uncle.

Remember: the future is changeable, and your knowledge of your future may lead to your avoiding the events that make it happen. Thus, we cannot guarantee results. (In fact, if you load this page again, you will most likely get a different fortune, due to this effect.) However, we are proud of our life forecasting service, and we stand behind our work.

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