My name is Aaron Priven, and welcome to my Web site.

May 2005 brings the most significant change to my web site since it was founded over ten years ago. I am introducing my new blog, Write Only Memory, at its new site at If blogs had been invented in 1994, I might have started this site as one instead. As it stands, I am moving a number of the shorter pieces to the blog site, where they seem to fit well. The site will continue to exist for longer pieces, pieces I expect to update occasionally, and other things that don't work in the blog format.

The purpose of my Web site is to be:

  • an avenue of personal expression
  • a mooring point for the mothball fleet of my ideas
  • a place to put my résumé where someday somebody might see it
  • a high-tech method of "acting out"

Items located here:

More about me:

If you're looking for something else that used it be here, it's probably moved to my blog. I have a list of blog entries that used to be on the web site.